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In this section we go behind the scenes of Model Railway Features and the Peedie Models Group.

Peedie Models was formed in 2012 with the aim of producing a range of hand cast resin models and brass etch accessories. With the growth and diversity of the business we decided to segment them into clearly defined sections to help the customer find products and services in an easier manor.

From the outset we have used 3D printing and laser cutting equipment for the creation the masters for resin casting. The 3D printing also allows us to produce highly detailed parts and accessories for the scratch builder, using engineering quality UV resins and now large format industrial printers.

The real benefit of using the printers with high end resins is that every print run means there will be consistency, and having the lowest shrinkage of 0.5% compared to other resins (Some can shrink up to 3%) it allows us to provide very accurate models for engineers and designers.

This is even more so with the smallness of N scale models and to allow us to maintain detail and accuracy in everything we design and produce.

Paul (The company founder) draws upon more then 40 years model making experience, which started with building model aircraft in the 1970’s after collecting the tokens from cereal boxes.

One of his other interests is with engineering, and after finding out that the a safety system for single line railway operation was developed by his relative, and was in operation for around 100 years throughout the world.

The following video gives a brief overview of some of the special commission work undertaken by Paul.

Short video about Paul and Peedie Models

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